Bullfight and Barbecue

Near Carmona there are several farms where we can organize a bullfight and barbecue lunch, an incentive option appropriate for young and fun individuals.

This particular day in December entailed breakfast at the Casa Palacio de Carmona, a 30 minute bus transfer to the beautiful farm on the edge of the Sierra de Sevilla, a walk around the farm with an explanation of the functions of bullbreading by the “Ganadero” bull breeder and farm-owner, a bullfighting class, a bullfight of two cows by professional “Novillero” bullfighters, accompanied by a wind band with members from the banda del Maestro Tejera of the Maestranza de Caballería, the opportunity for guests to bullfight, and a fun barbecue with a Jamón Serrano being cut and served on display.

In the summer it is also appropriate to carry out the program in the evening.