Our Home is your Home

Familia Guardiola García in 2008

By Felipe Guardiola, Owner-Manager of the Casa de Carmona, Carmona, February 2011

I have run the Casa de Carmona since 1994, and since 2009 my wife, Reyes, and I have operated it as a live in team, determined to take a hands-on management style. Along with a small number of dedicated staff, this allows us to interact on a much more personal manner with our guests. We live happily with our family in the Casa, and we want our guests to be as happy as we are in this beautiful and historic ambiance.

The Casa de Carmona is an ageing palace, whose imperfections developed over the centuries are an integral part of its charm – which is how we love it. It is also about making our guests comfortable, welcome and sharing with them elements of beauty, fun and quality. We will treat you as we treat our friends – as guests often become – and ourselves, no difference at all.

We do not want to create false expectations, the Casa de Carmona is not a modern hotel – that is not our aim and never will be. If you demand perfection in every dimension this is not for you. If you do come and upon check in you do not like it, we will not charge you, neither will we for subsequent book nights if you want to leave after the first night.

We listen to you intently, and we are respectful of your opinions.