Guest Comments

Since the Casa Palacio de Carmona opened in 1991, we have kept our guestbooks, which are full of appreciative comments.

Just two of our guestbooks … 1998-2003 1996-2004

We have selected the most representative comments, which you can read by placing the mouse over the capitels.
Appreciative Atmosphere Beautiful Charming Delightful Class Dream Enchanting Great Expectations Famous Guests Honeymoon Imaginative Incomparable Magical Memorable Oasis Palacio Paradise Peaceful Reccomendable Return Seminars Stories Suite Azul Superative Unforgettable Unique Useful Wedding Wonderful

How do we, the people that run and are responsible for the Casa Palacio de Carmona see it?
How do we represent it to you in honest, sincere words?
What three words do we use to represent it to our friends?

We find the Casa Palacio de Carmona beautiful, enchanting, and we recommend it.

We wish to highlight just one comment, which we found charming, imaginative and funny.

If the Spanish explorers had stayed at
the Casa de Carmona, they would never have
gone to discover California.

Myrna & Howard Fabrick, LA, Calif., USA,
Rm 10, 26.09.1997