Fiesta Flamenca

Fiesta Flamenca
A truly fun and memorable night!

First of all Choose your Flamenco Dress!
“Trajes de Gitana” (Gipsy) Polka Dots, Flowers and Mantones de Manila …
“Trajes de Corto” are bullfighter’s dresses but without the gold embroidery – the short jacket provides a tighter fit suitable for horse riding and bull fighting, and dancing!
Finishing touches … the Venenciador skillfully pours a glass of sherry … and posing pretty!
“Group Pictures!
The Coro Flamenco Starts the Party!
It’s fun!
“The Flamenco Turn!
“A Songs Reheresal
Y una Gran Mariscada!
A Grand Seafood Feast!
An Imperial Table with a Crushed & Striped Garnet Velvet Tablecloth and a Gilt Elongated Rectangular Open-Stepped Frustum!
Juan masterfully personifying the Thankyou Speech!
Smiling Dinner Portraits
And a Farewell Song …
Marcel and Guitarrist introducing the next act …
And now the Real Flamenco Show!
The Last Dance and Fin de Fiesta!