Finca La Viña del Bailio – P.R.E. Horse Shows

La Viña del Bailio in Carmona /font>
An XVIIIth farm with Andalusian P.R.E. Horses property of the Counts of Peñaflor

The Counts of Peñaflor upkeep the historic Finca Viña del Bailio, one of the historic properties that used to belong to the proprietors of the Casa Palacio de Carmona in the XVIIIth century. They upkeep its original XVIIIth century farmhouse, and use the farm to rear the famous, award winning “Guardiola” Spanish Pure Breed P.R.E. horses. The farm has several distinct garden spaces, paddocks, boxes, courtyards, and a pool. At the Finca del Bailio we organize elegant horse shows, barbecues and flamenco parties. It is perfect for a civilized day in the country.