Plaza de Lasso

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The Plaza de Lasso is situated in front of the facade of the Casa de Carmona and measures 18 m x 28 m, 504 m2.

In the XIXth century in this location there used to be houses which were used by the service of the Palace. They were torn down at the beginning of the XXth century, and the space was used for horse training. In 1990 the Plaza was landscaped by the renowned spanish landscape architect María Medina, who also designed the Arab Garden.

The Plaza de Lasso is now formed by two lines of a perennial green shrub that open up towards the facade – each of these lined by 6 hackberry trees, which are deciduous. The ground is topped with a layer of albero, the same famed sevillian yellow limestone sand that is used for the bullfighting ring arenas in the south.

The Plaza de Lasso is used occasionaly as the space to serve wedding receptions – guests passing then on to the Patio de Columnas for the sit-down meal.
On most days it is used as parking exclusive for our guests, and has a capacity for 20 cars.

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