Pool at the Casa de Carmona

Plazuela de Lasso de la Vega · Apeadero · Patio de Columnas

The Pool was designed by the renowned sevillian decorator Manolo Morales de Jódar, who became renowned later in 1997 by buying, restoring and decorating the Palacio de San Benito in Cazalla de la Sierra.

Manolo, on his travels in the Algarve,  found on the side of a road, a decrepit construction with a step-arch-step which he used to form the current design. He perfected it with the tiles, the five fountains and colours into the shape that can now be seen.

It measures 10 metres by 3.5 metres and is kept full and clean year-round. Because it is enclosed in tall walls, sunlight falls on it in the summer only from 11 am to 6 pm, maintaing the water coolish from June to September, and too cold to use from October to May.