Rice with Tagarninas

Tagarninas are dark green thorny starry plants that grow stuck to the ground, that look like weeds, but are edible and have a nutty, slightly bitter flavour, a little like green asparragus. They have also a thready texture which we soften up by boiling them. Tagarninas can`t be found in grocery shops – and they take a while to prepare. All in all, going to fetch them, cleaning and cooking, it takes about an hour and a bit. The fun is in the simplicity and naturalness of the whole process, in the survivalist tradition.

You will need a wooden box or a bag, a knife or garden scissors (better) Turn them upside down to cut the leaves Select the better leaves, many will be in bad state, half eaten by other animals…
Take off the leaves and keep the stems Line them up all together to cut Easy cut
Boil them for five minutes Rinse Cook a little with olive oil and garlic and salt
Rinse again, put the rice in, and salt (important – don’t forget), and add boiling water as the rice demands it, turning often. It will be ready in 15-20 minutes, depending on the rice (I normally use round rice).